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Most of the videos and pictures have been removed for OPSEC reasons.


USAF - Together We Served



Misc stuff, quotes, etc:

ICIJ -- War On Error: Live Pictures Taken by U.S. Planes Were Freely Available

"If a tree falls in the woods, Predator will see it."  Lt Col Gibbs 11ERS/CC (You had to be there to get it)

100 Greatest Military Photos Powerpoint slide show that is being passed around (3.6MB)


Links to other sites:

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I'm linked from WWW.FAS.ORG now

FAS Global Hawk site

Thai Technics

RQ-1A NRT Video Exploitation & C2

UAV Forum


The CIA and Predator...Best of buds.

Mark Fiore's Shockwave of CIA's Strike on car in Yemen

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PLEASE if you have ANY video or pictures that you would like to share with the Predator UAV community SEND THEM to me.


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