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Results-driven IT leader leveraging a strong balance between business savvy and technical capabilities. Possess a proven track record of 10+ years of experience contributing to the advanced performance of diverse organizations in the computer, network, government and defense industries. Skillfully align all aspects of IT operations with the organizational mission. Lead continuous process improvements, identifying and resolving network inefficiencies to establish secure working environments. Build and spearhead top-performing teams, providing the training and support needed to develop and implement innovative solutions that drive organizational growth and productivity.



IT Operations · Information Security · Infrastructure & Solution Development · Network Management

Process Analysis & Improvement · Performance Improvement · Project Management

Client Relations · Staff Development & Training · Team Building & Leadership  · DoD Clearance





TRIGEO NETWORK SECURITY, Post Falls, Idaho · 2006-2008

Customer Support Engineer

Provide remote customer assistance to facilitate technology implementations. Develop internal processes and product documentation to guide technology integration efforts. Train new staff members tasked with supporting customers with product-related issues. Generate revenue through product upgrades and system enhancements.


Financial / Operational Highlights:

·         Implemented Certified Information Systems Security Professional courseware to improve staff competencies.

·         Reduced new employee training and product implementation times after reengineering business processes.

·         Minimized trouble ticket closure times after developing a knowledgebase of product documentation enabling Tier 3 approved automated answers to support questions.

·         Stabilized the customer portal and training system after transferring disk images to an FTP site.

·         Generated $300K+ in revenue after completing 19 contingent contracts within the 1st year.

·         Mentored customers on information security best practices for the health, financial, and defense industries.



Director of Network Maintenance

Managed the implementation of a new mobile communications system: the Rapid Attack Information Dissemination-Execution Relay (RAIDER) ground component of a $1B joint tactical digital gateway system. Trained first line supervisors and staff to facilitate system deployment. Counseled staff on performance improvements to prepare for headquarters’ inspections. Authored annual performance reports and delivered award citations. Assessed new employees and delegated roles based on skill sets. Supervised the career development of 16 staff members.


Financial / Operational Highlights:

·         Earned an excellent inspection rating through skillful management of Communications Security (COMSEC).

·         Established direct communication from ground troops to support aircraft after deploying the RAIDER system, which enabled immediate internetworking with dissimilar platforms in the field.

·         Reinforced security standards after gathering user and technician input to develop strategic policies & procedures.

·         Devised a training plan to develop the core staff competencies needed for RAIDER system implementation.

·         Lobbied for and acquired $450K to train technicians and purchase new tools.

·         Decreased network anomalies, expedited operational checks and equipment transfers, and appropriately maintained network equipment.

·         Awarded the US Air Force Meritorious Service Medal.


NATO HEADQUARTERS, Mons, Belgium · 2004-2005

Network Security Engineer

Handpicked to serve as the checkpoint firewall engineer of NATO’s Communication Information Systems Support division. Maintained network security at NATO Headquarters as well as 20+ firewalls in international field operations. Acted as the Subject Matter Expert of the network design team, ensuring secure network communications to 3.5K personnel in 35 nations. Monitored firewall logs to identify and resolve network anomalies. Modified firewall rule sets based on user requests and security requirements. Provided technical guidance to key decision makers.


Operational Highlights:

·         Created a strategic plan to launch new secure locations, which included adding 7 new NATO nations.

·         Implemented security policies to integrate the networks of 4 new NATO nations with Headquarters.

·         Consolidated 30 network border protection devices under a single remote management console by implementing Checkpoint’s Provider-1 security management solution.

·         Eliminated the need to deploy technical personnel to war zones by pre-configuring firewall enforcement modules.

·         Ensured the ongoing flow of critical messages by providing after-hours support to war zone personnel.

·         Enhanced firewall performance and reduced firewall logs by 1.2M records.

·         Awarded NATO and US Air Force Joint Commendation medals.


US AIR FORCE SPACE COMMAND, Colorado Springs, Colorado · 2001-2004

IT Program Manager

Operated as a headquarters-level IT program manager charged with sustaining a $400M international classified network used by the US President to command and control space and intercontinental ballistic and nuclear missiles. Coordinated and directed the efforts of contractors, engineers, logistics personnel and field maintenance staff. Researched long-term parts availability and approved technical change requests. Organized and led weekly meetings, assigned action items and reported team performance to key leaders.


Financial / Operational Highlights:

·         Resolved implementation problems during a $1.6M upgrade to add 61 remote locations.

·         Saved $100K annually after skillfully negotiating and closing a $1.5M contract to replace aging terminals.

·         Minimized staff training time from 12+ months to less than 3 months by building a mock training system.


COMPUTERS, INC., Las Vegas, Nevada · 1998-2001

Senior Network Analyst

Designed and implemented network installations and upgrades based on customer needs and requirements. Provided onsite support to customers. Trained and mentored staff members. Provided business management advice to CEO.


Financial / Operational Highlights:

·         Created Y2K compliance packages and implemented necessary network patches with zero down time.

·         Revised pay scales to encourage and improve employee performance levels.

·         Developed and installed networks for clients with 20 to 50+ employees.



Chief of Comm Infrastructure

Spearheaded a team of 8 unmanned aircraft systems technicians tasked with providing secure computing capabilities, onsite reconnaissance and live video feeds to support the Reconnaissance Squadron’s war mission. Developed classified and unclassified networks for worldwide fixed and deployed sites. Mentored personnel on career progression and trained first line supervisors on staff development.


Operational Highlight:

·         Developed and implemented a secure satellite network that provided critical video surveillance from an unmanned aerial vehicle in Bosnia back to Washington D.C.




Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

University of Phoenix, Phoenix, Arizona


Associate of Science in Electronics

Community College of the Air Force, Montgomery, Alabama


New Horizons Technical Training

Certified Information Systems Security Professional CBK Seminar, San Antonio, TX

CompTIA Security+ Course, San Antonio, TX




ISC2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional CISSP

CompTIA A+ & Net+ Certified Technician

Electronic Technicians Association Certified Fiber Optic Installer CFOI