Here's a list of info I have gathered in my quest to "transition" from the USAF and begin a new career.

If you have additional information you think would be helpful shoot me an email.

For some good info check out this site especially:  Air Force Transition Assistance

The latest in jobs for GIs: GI Jobs

EXCELLENT interview advice: businessballs

No listing like this would be complete without a link to TA Online "...the largest single source of transition assistance information and tools for today's separating military".

I understand that not everyone looking here will care about IT Certifications BUT, if you are curious check out CertMag’s 2005 Salary Survey: Monitoring Your Net Worth

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Start your own business:

Expert advise from the Small Business Association

To quote Lance Winslow, "IFA represents franchisees, franchisors and suppliers who conduct business across a broad spectrum that encompasses 75 different industries operating in more than 100 countries."

Veterans Transition Franchise Initiative: VetFran

Get your own franchise rolling and


Find a Government job:

Something I found is each Branch of Service tracks their Civil Service jobs on different sites.

There is a site for DoD, one for USAF centric jobs, one for Army, etc, etc.

If you are looking for something in a particular city there will be openings listed on each site separately.

DoD OPM     USAF AFPC    Army CPO    Navy HR

NATO Agencies and Commands NATO B Grades are Technician type jobs, A Grades are Management.


Search the job banks:

Monster    Tech Expo USA    Dice    Career Builder    Hot Jobs    The Vault


Leverage your security clearance:

"Experts project that an established security clearance can increase your salary anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000, and in some cases, even more."

Why is that Security Clearance a good leverage point for pay purposes?

Those with a Security Clearance look here:


Cost of living comparisons:

Comparing city indexes: Cost of Living, Crime Rates, Demographics, Schools, etc, etc?  Home Fair

Compare Income, Property, Sales, etc Taxes state by state at Retirement Living.